Facebook can be a highly entertaining site, and it can also make it easier for you to communicate and network with friends, family, colleagues and others in your life. Although there are plenty of benefits to using Facebook, there is a such thing as being too addicted to the site. Listed below are ten signs that you have a Facebook addiction.

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You Spend Too Much Time on Facebook

It is perfectly normal to find yourself typing away on Facebook for an extended time every now and then, but you shouldn’t let your time on Facebook get in the way of your life. If you spend more than two or three hours in a row on Facebook on a regular basis, you might have an addiction to the site.

You Feel the Need to Constantly Update Your Status

Status updates can be a fun and helpful way in letting your friends and loved ones know what you are up to, but constant status updates can be the sign of a problem. If you find yourself getting anxious because you haven’t updated your status on Facebook or if you update it three or four times every day, you might have a problem.

Facebook is Getting in the Way of Your Life

Although it is normal to want to spend some time alone on Facebook instead of going out constantly, it isn’t a good sign if you regularly put other things in your life to the side for Facebook. Running late for school or work because of Facebook or failing to spend time with friends and family on a regular basis could mean that you have a Facebook addiction.

You Post Pictures Excessively

Facebook makes it easy to share pictures with the people who you love, and it’s normal to want to share these pictures. If you find yourself constantly uploading pictures or constantly changing your profile picture throughout the day, you might have a reason to be concerned.

You Redo Your Profile Excessively

Changing your profile because you come up with a new idea or because something has recently changed in your life is normal, but you might want to be concerned if you are constantly changing your Facebook profile.

You Instinctively Log Into Facebook

If you get on your computer to check your bank account or do your homework but find yourself typing in “Facebook.com” instead, you might have a problem.

You Can Never Have Enough Friends

Although it can be a good feeling to have plenty of Facebook friends, you shouldn’t turn it into an obsession. If you already have hundreds of friends and feel the need to have more, you might want to think about whether or not you have an addiction to Facebook.

Facebook Changes Make You Excessively Angry

It can be frustrating to deal with changes on familiar sites like Facebook, but these changes shouldn’t make you excessively angry if you don’t have an addiction to Facebook.

You’ve Started a Facebook for Your Pet

If you have started a Facebook page for your pet, baby or anyone else who can’t actually use the account, you might have a Facebook addiction.

You Check Facebook With All of Your Devices

Checking your Facebook page with your cell phone or tablet every now and then is normal, but checking Facebook with your phone consistently throughout the day could be a cause for concern.

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