One should be very much wondered that why we WordPress is unreliable as well as slow. Now to make your WordPress more easy to manage and more stable than we have the five steps so that we can make our WordPress more easy. If someone is very much good professional or a blogger than they must have five tips that are typical to use.Our blog is running sometimes very slow, and the loading of pages is not done fast as we want and plugins are not loaded as we want.This can contain the some major issues related to the bloggers.One should keep the website functioning well, if we are making the use of the WordPress here.

Firstly the speed of the blog speed must be tested here : –

In this WordPress the speed of the blog must be checked properly firstly. There is a lack of the service on the internet and due to the computer. By using the online can speed your blogs.Here with the competitors can also compare the speed of the blogs with them, so that we can test the speed of our blogs and improve it properly.For this we can make the use of CMS that we choose to use.

Ways to run your WordPress effectively :-

  1. 1.    One should delete the unnecessary plugins : –

In this WordPress we can make the use of various plugins.  To remote your computer system very fast, one must delete all the unnecessary plugins that are built inside.We can make the use of plugins to enhance our blogs very nicely and then we can here add some other new features.Here we have no need to add all plugins in it.One must add the useful plugins.

If the plugins are in our system, then we can make them disable whether this is saved in database. One should delete all plugins from the database permanently.Plugins which are active should be deleted firstly.

According to the needy one must download it.

  1. 2.    The use of caching plugin in the WordPress :-

We can make use of various plugins called as caching plugins.The installing of plugins is not so useful, unless we know it is necessary or not. So this can decrease the time. By the use of this, the speed of the system can get slowed. This may contain the various terms :-

  • Images
  • Video
  • Comment
  • Post on blog and dynamic content.


  1. 3.    To optimize the WordPress :-

In WordPress, we can make the much use of this and we can avoid other all plugins.From the dashboard we can use the WordPress-optimize for various purposes like unapproved comment, post revisions and for the draft posts also.

  1. 4.    One should check the web hosts here :-

With the plugins this can contain the many problems inside it.This can have the issue with the server so that the other users are affected by them.Here one should improve the loading time of the system.

  1. 5.    To optimize the all images used :-

One should be aware of the size of the file when we can make use of the image in it. One should create a small file here which can contain various images.If we can make use of photoshop to edit the picture then this can be automatically saved in it.Here we can make the use of reduced size images also.We can make the use of this where we need.

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