Technology’s advancements in a short period of time has had an amazing impact on the camera industry. Years ago, people were very concerned when selecting cameras, but today, different brands introduce a wide range of cameras series by adding different models in short span of time. Likewise, the Nikon 1 V-series introduced the latest model NIKON1 V2 offering exchangeable lenses. By structure, it has a professional look with broad edges; it can be found in black and colors.

Nikon 1 V2

Nikon 1 V2


True to the hype, it is very fast and reliable, rendering stunning shots. It has a unique style of taking 20 shots at a time with a single click. It includes different modes to perform different tasks.

  • Slow-Mode:

When in slow-mode, the user presses half way on the shutter button to capture an image; its unique functionality works by slowly capturing the image.

  • Build Up Motion Snapshot Mode:

After taking consumer reviews into account, Nikon enhanced this feature. Before the V2, Nikon 1 shot 60p and at 24 frames/ sec, played it back giving a playback time of 2.5 seconds. In response to requests for improvement, Nikon enhanced it by 1.6 seconds, giving it a playback of 4 seconds at 24fps.

  • HDR Mode:

It also includes HDR mode which aggregates two sequential shots into one huge quality image.

  • Movie Mode:

It has the ability to capture a full image without disturbing the movie. The movie mode has 1080 60i & 1080 30 frames/sec. 20 minutes are restricted for 1080 and 720p can go onwards to 29 minutes.


It’s a handsome camera with eye catching features, coming in both black and white. It has a small body with very stable grip, congenital flash, image sensor of CX-format and many more notable features.

Comparison of Nikon 1 V1 AND Nikon 1 V2:

Here I compare their some specifications in order to distinguish their features.


In V1, 10MP CMOS is used but V2 is 14.2Mega Pixels CMOS, making it more effective but, on other hand, if we talk about their resolution, it remains the same i.e., 13.2 millimeter x 8.8 millimeter.

Range of Sensitivity:

For V1, the ISO 100 – ISO 3200 by 6400 and for V2 it is ISO 160 & ISO 6400.

Auto Focus:

Both the V1 and V2 have the ability of 73 point phase-detection and 135 area-contrast AF.

Audio and Video:

Both versions have stereo mic inputs. The video capability of V1 is 1080/60i/30 frames/sec., 720/60 frames/sec. H.264 MPEG-4 fast time MOV. and for V2 1080/30p, 720/60p H.264 MPEG-4 fast Time MOV.

LCD Size:

V1 has fixed, 3-inch 921,000 Dots and V2 has fixed, 3-inch 920,000 Dots.

WIFI File Upload Capability:

In V1, no such capability is present but in V2 it is optional (via WU-1b Wi-Fi Mobile Adapter we can access the capability).

There are many more specifications which differentiate V2 from V1 like high speed USB, multi luxury ports, a rechargeable battery of 1 EN-EL21 Li-ion and so on.

Nikon 1 V2 is such a remarkable camera possessing a line-up of enhancements over the previous model in the series.

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