I hear it often and you probably have as well. Don’t start a blog about making money online or blogging about blogging the market is to saturated. I would like to take this statement and burn it if I had the chance.

Never let anyone determine what your going to do with your life. If you want to start a blog about blogging the you go ahead and do that. If you want to start a blog about blogging then you go ahead and do that also.

You’re probably asking yourself right now what is he thinking about we honestly have to many blogs within these two niches already. Perhaps you are right but I’m telling you right now if you follow these simply steps and suggestions you can start a blog in any niche you want.

Tell me something I don’t already know

When blogging in a specific niche you have to be innovative and unique. You have to come up with ideas to share with your readers that no one has ever thought of before. When you can create new content and interesting ideas it doesn’t matter how saturated a market is the people will listen.

Be the first one to know about it

When your telling your readers about new deals or offers in the make money online niche you have to be the first one to know about it. Being the first one to know about a new opportunity gives your over saturated blog a head start on the game. Subscribe to the popular blogs RSS feeds and start paying attention to your industry news. You have to be the first one on the scene with the news.

Promote it like there’s no tomorrow

Part of being first or telling me something I don’t already know is promotion. Great you have an original idea but how the heck will I learn about it? How are you going to reach me with your news. Your story can be great but if you have no one reading your blog it’s not going to do so well.

Join all  the large social networks such as digg, reddit, blogengage, stumbleupm and promote your articles. You have to get the message out to the people so thy can follow it back to your blog. In today’s economy if you build it they will not come, you have to bring them there.

So next time you think about starting a blog don’t let anyone boss you around or put a damper on your parade. You can do it you just have to follow my suggestions and excel compared to your competition.

Provide new and exciting content, tell us something we don’t already know and keep on coming up with new ideas that are superior to your competitors. Please just do not let other people tell you what to do with your blog. If you want to blog about blogging or blog about making money online you do it and be proud of it.

Question Period

What’s your thoughts on the whole idea? Are you a fan of starting blogs in saturated fields or do you prefer to just blog about something else non related? I’m a  guest poster here so please do share in discussions with me.



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