Do you own an Apple device? Are you considering opting for a newer version? You must be an Apply product lover and must be enjoying the exceptional and outstanding features that the brand provides with its products. In this piece, I am not going to discuss any new product by Apple but instead, I will write down a comparison between iPhone 4S and iPhone 3GS. iPhone 4S was recently launched whereas the iPhone 3GS model is more than a year old. All of these differences will enable you to figure out how things have been changed for the new iPhone 4S. Thus, keep reading this post and you will be able to learn a lot more about what is available with the iPhone 4S model and what iPhone 3GS supported.

iPhone 3gs vs iPhone 4s

iPhone 3gs vs iPhone 4s

Processor Chip

When it comes to iPhone 3GS, the device was integrated with a simple A3 chip, but iPhone 4S supports a Dual-core A5 Chip.

Network Support

The iPhone 3GS is supported by a single network which is AT&T whereas, iPhone 4S has been backed by 3 leading carriers. Therefore, all such people who are in search for iPhone with their preferred network carriers can opt for the iPhone 4S device. Companies that are supporting iPhone 4S includes Verizon, Sprint, AT&T.


The iPhone 3GS model is only available in black whereas iPhone 4S is available in two colors that is black as well as white color.


So far no considerable changes have been made to the dimensions of both iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S, both versions have approximately the same dimensions.


iPhone 3GS by Apply has 3 Mega Pixel camera with tap to focus and auto focus service. On the other hand, the iPhone 4S holds some significant changes here. In fact, this happens to be one of the primary enhancements, as the device supports 8 mega pixel camera. Several other features are:

  • Five-Element Lens
  • Face Detection
  • Backside illuminator sensor
  • Tap to Focus
  • Led Flash
  • Autofocus.

It also supports a secondary VGA resolution.

Video Calls

With iPhone 3GS, the feature of video call has not been supported. However, when we talk about iPhone 4S, you can enjoy video calling facility over a Wi-Fi connection with ease and comfort.

Video Recording

For iPhone 3GS, the video recording resolution is 480p 30 fps. Even though these specs are good with iPhone 4S model and it has been integrated with video stabilization, Led Light, Tap to focus feature when recording and1080p 30 fps.


iPhone 3GS resolution was just 468/320 p whereas for iPhone 4S it has been revised. 960×640 is the screen resolution for iPhone 4S.

Battery Time

You can make use of your iPhone 3GS for up to 5 hours. However if you are making use of a 2G network, then the battery time can be easily enhanced up to 12 hours. The standby period of iPhone 3GS is around 300 hours. When analyzing iPhone 4S, it provides a battery time of 8 hours. Nevertheless, if you make use of a 2G network, the time can be increased up to 14 hours. For iPhone 4S, the standby period is approximately 200 hours.

The above mentioned points indicate the difference between iPhone 4S and iPhone 3GS. I hope they have been useful for you while you are considering buying an iPhone, but not sure about which one to opt for. Good Luck!



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