One of the most asked questions by people who are looking to start with Adsense, or have just started out with Adsense, are the money questions: What are the Google Adsense payout rates? How much will I earn?
I tried to bundle and answer a few of these questions, hoping that these will give you some insights in what the possibilities of Google Adsense are.

What's the Google Adsense payout?
What’s the Google Adsense payout?

How much does Google Adsense pay you per month?

Your monthly income from Google Adsense depends on your earnings. Typically, Google will pay you the amount you earned the month before (so on april 31, they will pay what I earned during march). With this limitation, that they only payout if you earned over 100 USD. If you earned over 100USD, you will receive the full amount you earned. If you earned less than 100USD, you will receive nothing that month, but it will accumulate the next month, untill you earned 100USD.

How much can I earn with Google Adsense?

The sky is the limit. Really! If you have a great, very high traffic blog, and you have your Adsense tuned well, you can earn a 5 figure amount each month! However, this does mean you need to put alot of work in your website. You cannot just buy a domainname, install wordpress, copy some articles from on it, and sit back and wait for visitors to roll in, while you’re watching babes and sipping cocktails. It doesn’t really work that way, you need to earn your visitors, you need to work to get them to your website, and you need to work to keep them coming back to it.

What is the Google Adsense payout rate?

How much of a click’s publisher cost goes to adsense, and how much to me? Well, nobody knows. This depends on numerous things, one of them being the score you have as an Adsense publisher. This score depends on your CTR and nr of visitors and such, and is part of the calculation. Nobody knows exactly how this score is calculated.

How much can I earn per day on Google Adsense?

Earning money using Google Adsense while watching babes and sipping cocktails on the beach
Earning money using Google Adsense while watching babes and sipping cocktails on the beach

Hard to say… But, to give you an average idea: per 100 unique visitors on your website, you can count on 0.5 to 1$ a day. How much it is exactly is impossible to say. It depends on numerous factors such as the topic of your website, the keywords you are targeting at, how well your websites is targetted at those keywords, how well you implemented your Adsense ads, how Adsense-blind your public is, the language your website is in, and so on and so on. But, if you feel your Google Adsense payout earnings are too small, I suggest you take a good look at these posts: Top 5 Ways To Increase Your Adsense Earnings and Adsense Math: Add Add Add.

How much does a click on a Google Adsense ad earn me?

One single click can earn you anywhere between 0.01 and over 1.50$. How much you will actually earn depends on the keywords you are targetting. Some topics, and thus, keywords, have a much higher Google Adsense payout rate, and will earn you a whole lot more than others. And, in the same topic, targetting a spefic keyword (or keyword combination), can make a huge difference in earnings per click. For instance, if you take a look at mesothelioma for instance, you can find that mesothelioma pays you, as an example, 1$ per click. However, the combination mesothelioma attorney will pay you 1.20$, and mesothelioma lawyer can even pay you 1.50$!

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