What makes the compelling content? What extra ingredients you should add which will make the content compelling so that everyone starts linking to it like crazy? Well these are the few questions which every blogger, internet marketer and every other person (including me) thinks while promoting his website. What follows next are the few not so obvious tips which will help you to make your content more compelling.

compelling content

Uniqueness is not everything What? Shocked? Every article on creating compelling content recommends writing unique content. Of course, if you have something really unique it is great. But is it possible? No because every topic you can imagine is already written millions of times on web (except if you are a scientist and have discovered something new). What is important is the style you are using while writing. Your content should have a personal touch so that your readers can associate themselves with you.

Clear and Concise In the last point we discussed about the style of writing. This point will elaborate more about it. Write in a clear and concise way so that the message you want to deliver reaches your audience easily. Avoid using slangs or jargons which are difficult to understand. Remember that your visitors don’t have time to think, they want everything without doing any effort. So make your content straight and simple.

Credibility is important No matter what you write, how much research you’ve done and how many hours you put into it. It won’t go viral if you don’t have any loyal following that trusts you and can help you to promote it. Imagine if you and Darren Rowse of Problogger write the same thing at the same moment almost everybody would link to Problogger and you will become invisible in the crowd. So lesson learned is to make your content look compelling you need to have some credibility.

People love interactions – Interaction should not only be in the form of comments, it could be in lot of other ways like inviting them to contribute a tip to the article or linking to their posts, doing quizzes and surveys etc. Asking your readers to help you and giving them some exposure in back is a great way to build huge compelling lists. Take a look at the huge list of last minute gift ideas by toilet entrepreneur here which might not be possible without reader contributions.

Speak what others want to listen Your content should speak what your visitors want to hear. It should address the problems they are facing and provide them with the effective solutions. It should help them to make their lives easier.

So as we’ve seen that to make your content more compelling you need to have credibility, high user interaction and clear and concise content which can deliver your message in an effective way and can help your readers in making their lives easier. What are your opinions about it? Feel free to share it in the comments below.

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