If you are among millions of Apple enthusiasts and tech geeks curiously looking forward for the launching of Apple’s highly trumpeted iPhone 5 device, this review is best suited for you and will serve as the appetizer to quench your curiosity regarding this 5th generation of the iPhone. There are numerous blogs and articles regarding the iPhone 5 that have been established to prove prominence of the phone in spite of the inception of its contemporaries. Al the blogs and information available regarding these devices accept that this iPhone will make another milestone in the contemporary world communication. However, perhaps you are still unsure whether it is a sane idea to spend your money on this advanced phone. Keep reading here for more information.




The fact that iPhone 5 will come with larger storage space is undisputed. The upgrade of the phone to the A5 processor makes it indispensable for Apple to improve the storage capacity of the iPhone in order to support the upgraded features. The iPhone is believed to be featuring dual core processor that greatly enhances the loading speed making it a convenient option for multitasking. The unit is also alleged that it feature 4G network platform which supports video chatting excellently.


The storage capacity is persistent on all reviewers but imaging is completely another story. There are still find variations regarding the built in camera of the device. Rumor has it that it will have a camera that will range between 8 and 12 megapixels. However, you can be assured that to accentuate the higher resolution iPhone 5 will come with graphic chip with ability to provide better imaging and video quality that will allow tech geeks to view full HD films.


The physical appearance and design is another feature enthusiasts are eagerly waiting to see. Some rumors suggest that the device will be thinner and lighter while others suggest that it will have a bigger screen that will help to deliver the best full HD movies experience.  The device is also alleged that it will deliver crisper sound quality that is especially suitable for music fans.


In addition to the cutting edge technology features that are making this unit a favorite for many enthusiasts, its longevity is another appealing feature. This phone is designed with intention of giving a lifetime that will truly give you the real value for your money. The signal is stronger for better reception while the screen is tougher, scratch resistant and drop & shatter proof. The battery life has also been improved to allow the unit longer operation time. The phone is also expected to come with the facial recognition feature which is intended to keep your private files safe.  Additionally, it will come with inbuilt GPS hence there is no need for installing a new unit.

Better Graphic Quality

The phone will come with enhanced viewing features that will make the unit suitable for viewing HD movies. When incorporated with the 8 or better megapixel camera with a flash, you have a unit to catch those merry moments and get the best out of them. You can take photos and videos of the merry moments and then use your phone to view them. There are speculations that the phone would either be HD ready or better already in HD.

Reliable Signal

If you are worried about clarity of communication, the phone will come with an extremely strong signal that has never been available in the previous iPhones. Other iconic communication means such as video chatting have also been improved by the 4G network. Amazingly, the phone is expected to be lighter and thinner despite the additional features expected.

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