Blogging is becoming increasingly popular, so how do you ensure your blog stands out from the rest? There are a few simple rules to follow and keep you on the right track.


1. Spelling and Grammar

A professionally written blog must have perfect spelling and grammar. If it’s not your strong point, get a friend to check it over before you hit “post” or run everything through a spell checker.


2. Relevance

Know your audience and try to put yourself in their shoes while you’re writing. Have a clear idea about what your blog is to be about, and write articles accordingly. Don’t get sidetracked onto other subjects, however interesting they may be. Try to go for a niche where there aren’t many other writers and make that area of the internet your very own.


3. Concise

Keep it short. Time is precious and readers don’t have the time or the inclination to wade through pages and pages of rambles. Plan out your post first before committing it to type and keep it snappy. Short sentences and lots of paragraphs make it easier to read than lots of rambling prose. If you have lots to say, break it down into several posts spread over the week to keep readers coming back.


4. Pictures

It’s very true that a picture is often worth a thousand words, so it’s always a good idea to illustrate your post with a picture to give your reader some idea of what they’re going to be reading about.


5. Links

Link to other web sites or relevant blogs to give your readers more material to explore if they’re interested in the subject you’re blogging about. If you link to other people’s blogs they may well return the favour and increase your traffic and readership.


6. Headline and Title

Take a while to consider the headline or title of the post. You want something that will pull people in, spark their interest and make them want to discover more. Again, keep it short and snappy.


7. Lively

Try to keep your sentences short and punchy and don’t ramble. People read blogs mostly for pleasure in a few minutes of spare time and want to be entertained and informed in a pleasant manner, not lectured. An upbeat tone is generally most appropriate.


8. Keywords

Using lots of keywords relevant to your subject will help push your blog further up the search engine rankings and in turn increase your readership.


9. Respond to comments

If you allow comments on your blog, make sure you always respond to people who have taken the trouble to leave a message. It will also ensure that they are more likely to return and read again.


10. Read other Blogs

Keep abreast of what other bloggers are doing by reading and commenting on other blogs. You’ll be able to pick up lots of ideas about what works and what doesn’t as well.

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