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It’s been a while. More specific, it’s been 4 months since I last wrote a “Top images of 2018 for the month” post. I know. Guilty. But in my defense, there’s a bunch of excuses. Fact of the matter is that I just didn’t do it. And you were all waiting for it! Or not. Anyway, as a kiss and make up gesture, I present to you, the Top images of 2018! And a promise that I will take up the Top of the month posts again. And plenty of other posts too.

Since this is the Top of the Year post, and not just a regular monthly post, I decided to add a little more top pictures. Especially now that I’ve also picked up writing about our stock photography, I will add the top sellers of 2018 too.

Top Instagram photo of 2018

The most liked photo on Instagram from my portfolio was not really a surprise, as it really did get a lot of likes and nice responses, on all social and other media. I must admit that I’ve been using it as my desktop picture too, and some other people asked me if they could too. I find that a nice compliment 😉

If you would like to read more about this picture, you can find the information in the original post: Top image of April 2018

Top 500px photo of 2018

Next up is the top photo of 2018 on 500px, which again was not a big surprise. Another great photo that I enjoyed taking, and looking at afterwards. It was also competing for the first place on Instagram, but lost by a close call, and it is another that I’ve used a desktop background for a while.

The winning picture is one that received most of its votes after the month it was published, since it never appeared in any monthly posts. So, maybe I can tell you a bit more about this one.

As is most often the case the last few months, I don’t take my “real” camera gear with me when I go to the office in Brussels. This day was no exception. So there you drive along the country roads of The Kempen, between the fields, at 5:30 am. Watching the most beautiful sunrise skies being spread open before me above the peaceful farm fields. So, what do you do?

Indeed, out comes the very much appreciated iPhone 8 Plus again, and the Procamera app with it.

Not too much of post processing was done. Just the regular, shot in HDR mode, and pushed the shadows a bit. Normally I tend to “do my thing” with the saturation slider too, but this picture really didn’t need it, as it already bulked with nice and full colors.

All seasons on one road by Bjorn Beheydt on

Top EyeEm photo of 2018

So far, these posts have been about the most appreciated photographs on my social media accounts, or at least some of them. As we’ve been trying out more and more with stock photography again, I will be posting some more stock photography oriented top images of 2018 here too. Such as this one.

This was the best selling image on EyeEm of the previous year(s). Surprised? Maybe, maybe not. The picture is very simple and oozes tranquility. It also offers a lot of space for copy on top, which, depending on the intended use of the picture, is often a big plus.

The making off? Same old story, on my way to the office in the very early morning. Driving the countryside. No camera, just the iPhone 6. Not even that much of post processing, just lighting the shadows a bit.

No thrills. No big Canon EOS 1D or Sony Alpha. The best camera is the one you have with you. The only tool that really matters when making a picture is your mind.

Top stock photo of 2018

As we’re submitting to several stock agencies, I will not be posting the best selling picture of each one separately, but will post the best selling stock photo overall.

For 2018, this one is the winner, even though it was taken in 2017. It is of course a well know (or lesser known) fact, that many stock images only pick up in sales after 3-12 months, depending on the subject and the stock agencies.

The story behind this one? Well, on one sunny day, Nathalie and I decided to pack the photo gear, and head to the Biesbosch, a large nature reserve in The Netherlands, not too far away from home. We had heard a lot about it already, but had never had the opportunity to go there. That day, we simply left. We were astonished by all the beauty we met there. Not only visually, but also the most beautiful songs of many different birds that could be heard there. It was a wonderful day, and we took a whole bunch of pictures, of plants, macro’s of insects, landscapes, and a whole series of pictures of horses that were running around freely on a large domain on the edge of the BiesBosch.

We went onto the domain, and spent a few hours there, talking to the horses, petting them, gaining their trust. And after a while, we took out our photogear and started shooting. This particular picture was shot with the Canon EOS 5D MkII and EF 100-400L lens. We have submitted it both in color and black and white, but the monochrome version of this picture (and many others of the series) is way more popular.

Top images of 2018, from now on also containing my best selling stock photos

All pictures that you see here, are available for sale via stock agencies, or print via our Smugmug page. If you have special requests or considerations, feel free to contact me.

Are you considering to sell your photography work via stock agencies too? Use our referral links to subscribe, and support us that way! You can find them via the Stock Photography page.

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