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Author of the guest post Top 10 ways to Built trust in your Blog

The author of this post is Shahul- a broadband analyst from VAC Media, who reviews, writes and publishes latest internet trends for UK broadband comparison website.

Starting a blog and writing an article would be easy for someone who has time to invest. But gaining trust is being patient and planning our investment of time. Reliability is what humans expect from every product, so is our blog. Being reliable isn’t very hard. It’s simple as trying to be- who you are, in a more professional manner.

I wish to share a few tips that can help a writer or blog to gain trust from its readers.

1. Craft the content

Crafting the content starts from deciding on what topic to write. It’s not about writing for a schedule. Search for the requirements of a reader, unique content, more specific issues etc before deciding a topic. Let the topic be more clear, simple and if required catchy too! But don’t try to make all the topics catchy which can create too much of hype for the blog.

Also I don’t believe in word limitations. Some say large contents get well than smaller contents and vice versa. However it depends on the topic, so do not scratch too much on something that is of no good.

2. Provide open and Genuine facts

Any content in your blog- let it be a post, news, or something to say about yourself, try to provide open and genuine facts. Writing an article without a proper research would let you mention incorrect information. It’s more important not to lose trust than to gain it.

3. Choose the best images

I have seen many good articles with the worst images. May be they concentrate more on SEO and loading time. But it’s important to note that the world is behind real time and visual searches. An image can tell your reader more than what is written.

Spend at least three fourth time of writing a content to chose a relevant image for your post. Creative images like graphs, scribbling on a notepad, hand drawing, etc, can certainly improve your reader’s experience. Creating something unique would make the readers to understand your involvement towards the work.

4. Check and recheck your content

This is one of the most important work that you do before you hit the publish button. If I am going to be lazy to read my content then who else will. An article should be published only when you are really satisfied and happy that you have done a great job!

“An actor does a thousand touch ups before he or she is ready for the shoot!”

Also take time to correct and sharpen the article if it’s a guest post. No article is the best for the first time. The more you fine tune, the more it looks good.

5. Publicize using proper social media

Once the content is created, it is important to publicize it to the target audience. I have seen many blogs which would allow sharing through all the social media possible. That’s seriously of no use and I am sure no one can manage all of those. May be we can maintain a common share me button, otherwise mention only the social media which you actively participate.

For example: Social media like Digg is used for technology updates, Twitter is used for technology and instant happenings and Facebook is common sharing platform. Integration of these resources can also be done using few plugins.

6. Respond to every comment in depth

Response to the readers is crucial and easy way to gain trust. Be it a new or frequent user of your blog; respond to every comment with detailed information. If it’s an appreciation acknowledge it, if someone identifies a mistake correct it and thank the reader for the intimation. If it’s a query then understand the issue and guide him with clear and detailed information. Make sure that the user do not search for an extra information or contact you back with a different question on the same issue.

Replying to comments is not just restricted to the blog it includes social media as well. Thank and appreciate someone who likes your post.

7. Openly accept the superior

There might be few instances where a writer would get a more intellectual reader. Do not argue too much especially if you know that you are wrong. Instead accept and appreciate his efforts. If possible offer him a chance to write on your blog, may be that can go viral. However it is important to overcome the situation and make it a win-win situation.

Also while using social media like Digg and Facebook you would come across many new and inspiring ideas. Do take time in leaving a word to appreciate their efforts.

8. Maintain a regular post interval

Consistency is what people look for when they come back for the second time. The first time someone likes a site would bookmark it. The second and third time they watch it more closely. If a reader does not get a post when he actually expected that’s the ultimate failure of the blog.

To overcome the situation you can write on few general topics from the niche and schedule it so as to find enough time for other posts.

9. Proper link outs

A regular reader would start looking for your recommendations. The blogs or websites that links out of your site are considered more valuable for a regular reader. Links which are irrelevant and broken can upset a reader which can turn up losing trust on the blog.

10. Stay focused on what you want

It’s important to read and know more about blogging and marketing a blog. However it’s important to impose something, that makes our blog unique than the rest. Do not miss out on any chance that helps you market the site. More the scheduled the blog is more the readers you gain.

Also do not expect all your of your posts to go viral. You will never know when a post would go viral. But it’s important that you do not lose interest and keep crafting every post that you publish.

There are more than 10 things that can help us gain more trust. But these are something which I consider more important. I would appreciate if you can share your thoughts on this topic.

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