Want to make money online? Here are 5 was to get you started!

If you are like most people, you are constantly looking for ways to supplement or replace your income by working online. The internet has made it easier than ever to make some extra cash, whether you need a few extra dollars for a vacation, or you need extra monthly income to pay your bills. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of scams out there that have made it difficult for people to trust what they see and read on the Web. Here are some legitimate methods to make money onlineyou can use to put some more money into your pocket every month.

  • Google Adsense: If you already have a website you can register for a Google AdSense account (it’s free.) Basically, Google will place ads on your website; when your visitors click on the ads, you get paid. The ads are generally similar to the theme of your website; so for example, if you sell pet supplies, the ads will be pet supply related. Adsense is one of the more popular ways to make money online.
  • Freelancing: If you love to write, draw or design, then consider a freelancing career. There are dozens of companies that are constantly looking for quality content for their websites and blogs. There are new start-up businesses that need help getting their websites up and running.
  • make money online

    make money online

    E-Bay: Do you have stuff around the house you want to get rid of? Open up an E-Bay store and sell online. You can register with drop shippers and wholesalers to sell a myriad of products online and make a nice online income every month.

  • Network Marketing: If you are a people person and love the sales industry, network marketing could be for you. There are hundreds of products and companies to choose from; try their products first before making a commitment to sell them. This method takes a bit longer to see income coming in, but it can be extremely lucrative.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Have you read a book or tried an online product that you absolutely love and think others could benefit from it? Sell it online and make a commission off of each one you sell. There are literally hundreds of products to choose from; everything from e-books to software programs. Again, try the product first before making a commitment to selling it.

Whichever method you choose to make money online, remember that none of them are get rich quick. It will take some time for your business to grow. You have probably heard all of the so-called gurus say ‘work one hour a day and make $1,000 a day or more.’ Well, quite frankly, they’re lying. It just doesn’t work that way. You are going to have to work hard and put in a healthy dose of self-discipline, determination and persistence if you are going to make your online business a success.


When you are first starting your online business, write down some goals for yourself. Why are you starting the business? What is it you want to accomplish? How much money do you want to make (be realistic here!) Know exactly why you are going into business for yourself and keep reminders with you at all times; this way, when you have a really bad day, you can look at your WHY and remember that there is a reason for doing what you are doing.

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