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Did you know that you can earn cryptocurrencies by moving? Yes, it’s true! You can earn and burn to get healthy and wealthy!! Earn Crypto’s, Burn fat, get Healthy (doh!) and Wealthy! All at the same time!

There are a number of blockchain-based platforms or dapps that reward users for completing physical activities. These platforms are known as “activity trackers” or “fitness trackers”, and are called Move2Earn or Move to Earn dApps. They work by tracking your movement and awarding you cryptocurrency tokens for every step you take, mile you walk, or calorie you burn. In this blog post, we will introduce you to some of the most popular activity trackers and show you how to start earning cryptocurrency tokens today!

You can earn and burn to get healthy and wealthy with Move2Earn dapps!
You can earn and burn to get healthy and wealthy with Move2Earn dapps!

Earning crypto’s while walking or runing? And what’s Move2Earn?

The blockchain is an amazing technology that is changing the way we think about data. With activity trackers, we can now earn cryptocurrencies by doing something as simple as walking.

Blockchain-based platforms that are rewarding users with crypto’s for completing physical activities? Sign me up!

Well, actually, I did already sign up for some of these Move2Earn dapps.

Some of the most popular activity trackers which I use include: Sweatcoin, Step’n, Actifit, and Coinapp. These Move2Earn platforms are all based on blockchain technology and offer users a unique way to earn cryptocurrency. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start earning crypto!


To get started with Step’n, you need a smartphone, and an invite code. As the current version of STEPN still requires an invite code. Without that code, it is impossible to sign up for an account. Invite codes however should be fairly easy to find, you can check on Reddit, Discord, or you can ask me!

The Step’n startup screen

Once you have downloaded the app (available on iOS and Android, the official links can be found on the STEPN website), create an account and link your BnB, Coinbase or Solana wallet, and fund your Stepn wallet to get started.

Unfortunately, with Step’n, you need to spend some money before you can start earning money. You can’t start earning with a Sneaker. A sneaker in Step’n, is an NFT of a sports shoe (walking shoe, jogging shoe or running shoe) .

Example of a Step’n Sneaker NFT

Depending on the number and types of shoes you have, you will earn more or less money, or other assets within the game. Of course, the best shoes will also set you back the most money. The whole Step’n sneaker NFT this also is a thing on its own, since you can upgrade, rent out, mint and sell the NFT sneakers, you can basically earn a lot of money doing just that. But that’s out of the scope, here in this article, it’s about moving! The prices of the sneakers depend on a lot of factors, but at this moment, a basic sneaker to get you started will cost you about 1.5 Sol, with the price of Sol being about 36€. Meaning you can start earning money for your walks or runs, with 54€. You can decide to first get your money out of it again, and then reinvest the extra money you make for more and better sneakers, or you can immediately invest more, and earn more money.

I went for the road in the middle, invested a bit more, so I had more energy to use and a better sneaker, and each of my daily 20 minutes walk (well, I walk longer, but only have enough Step’n energy for 20 minutes) brings me around 1.5€ on average in GST.

The running/walking interface of Step’n

Is that a lot? No, but it is an incentive to keep walking, and I’ll reinvest my earnings to improve the return on investment. Plus, if GST or Solana is on the rise again, it might be even much better than ever expected. There’s even reports of people earning up to 90-150€ per walk/run with Step’n!

Follow this link to subscribe to Step’n!


Sweatcoin is another blockchain-based app, that rewards you for moving, or more in particular, taking steps.

Sweat is the digital currency that you can earn by using Sweatcoin. It’s sort of like the steps app, but for money. The more you move, the more Sweat you earn. And the best part is, you don’t have to do anything special to earn them. Just move and walk like you normally do, and the Sweat coins will start rolling in.

The Sweatcoin Homescreen

So how does it work? Sweatcoin uses your phone’s GPS and stepcounter to track your steps. For every 1000 steps you take, you earn one Sweat. You can then use those Sweatcoins to buy things in the Sweatcoin app, and as of september 2022, Sweat will be a full fledged crypto currency, meaning more possibilities to change for other crypto’s, or fiat money.

The good thing about Sweatcoin? It costs you nothing to get started. Not a cent! Just download the app, create an account, and start stepping. You can of course take different paid memberships, which will increase your earnings rate, but it is not a necessity.

Once a day, you have some extra options to earn extra Sweat anyway, one is by using the Boost feature, which will earn you an extra 5 Sweat, if you are able to reach 2200 steps within 20 minutes. The other is by watching 3 ads, which will spin a wheel of fortune with different amounts of Sweat to earn.

Besides that, Sweatcoin doesn’t really require a lot of interaction from you, it will just count your steps, and give you your coins.

Follow this link to subscribe to Sweatcoin!


The Actifit mobile app enables you to earn AFIT tokens by auto-tracking your everyday routine.

AFIT tokens are a sort of utility and reward token issued by Actifit. But not just that, you can also earn HIVE, STEEM, BLURT, and SPORTS token rewards through upvotes on supported blockchains and partner communities.

The Actifit Homescreen – Simple and Clean

There’s no need to overcomplicate matters – here’s how you can start earning tokens right away:

  1. Download the Actifit mobile app
  2. Get active – go for a jog, walk your dog, mow your (or your neighbour’s) lawn, go to the gym, walk to the store,… But aim to reach a minimum of 5,000 activity count each day, or even better, 10.000 or more (the higher your numbers, the more you earn!)
  3. Report back via the app and receive your reward!

AFIT tokens can be traded on the Actifit Market for consultations about fitness and nutrition, ebooks, sporty gadgets, boosts for in the Actifit game, or extra HIVE/Steem rewards!

Earning even more with Yield Farming on Actifit

If you are a token holder on Hive and/or Steem blockchain, you can stake/power up to hive power / steem power and delegate it to Actifit. This yields AFIT tokens that are distributed daily among our delegators, as well as a weekly share of the 5% beneficiary reward of actifit posts on the blockchain you are staking on, creating an extra passive income.

The good thing about Actifit? It doesn’t cost you to get started, just install, create an account, and start being active! Inside the house, outside the house, doesn’t matter, Actifit will use your smartwatch or smartphone’s stepcounter to see how active you were.

Another plus: you can earn in different ways:

  • You earn Afit, straight from your activity
  • You earn Hive/Steem, from your daily report and the likes you get on it
  • You can earn extra by using the Hive/Steem to delegate it to Actifit, or by upvoting (liking) other people’s post (More on Hive will in another article)
  • You can earn even more by Actifit’s Defi Yield Farming (coming soon)
    The downside of Actifit? You have to remember to write and publish your activity report daily.
  • You automatically also have an account on the Hive blockchain, a social media platform where you receive rewards in cyrptocurrency for every post you make!

How much does Actifit earn you daily? It depends, and is hard to say. It depends on your rank, your activity, your report, your stakings, and much more. But I think, on average, you can earn about 1€/day. Is that a lot? No, it’s not, but depending on how Hive and Afit with evolve (and the whole cryptocurrency market for that matter), it may increase quite a bit!

Follow this link to subscribe to Actifit!


Coinapp is a bit different. Or well, a lot different. Coinapp is not built on a proof-of-activity base, but rather a proof-of-location. You don’t even have to move to use and earn with Coin, just “being” somewhere, and letting it run (with GPS location services activated) is enough.

Coinapp home screen

The idea behind Coinapp is to give proof-of-location, and locationservices based on that. Think for instance about a truck that needs to go from point A to point B with an important load. In order to track and validate it’s location, it can use a tracker, that will plot where it has been, and store this in the blockchain (which is fixed, and cannot be changed). Then, match these locations with the locations shared by the miners (which is you, the Coinapp user), and you have a system of truth, regarding locations.

To reward you, the miner, you receive Coins in the CoinApp. These coins can be claimed as XYO into your Metamask or Coinbase wallet, or traded for gadgets and stuff. My preference goes out to XYO, into the Coinbase wallet.

But how is that useful to track your activity? Well, the Coinapp works best when you pass by and validate different locations. You get the most return when you use the Coinapp in your car when driving. But walking also works! Even better, due to the lower speed, you are able to mine more blocks. So walking or running, with the Coinapp open, brings you in some more rewards!

Coinapp Rewards Screen

Is it a big earner? A rich maker? Will I be able to use it in my new Ferrari soon, which I bought from my Coinapp earnings? No, sorry, keep dreaming! You need at least 10000 coin to be able to trade it for XYO. 10.000 Coin gives you about 5$ worth of XYO. This means that it is worthwhile to wait to claim your Coin to XYO for when there’s a dip in the XYO price. If it rises again afterwards, your 10000 coin will have made you even more. And will it rise? Yes, most probably. XYO even had a 4000% rise a while ago.

As for your walk earnings, a 30 minute walk gives you about 500 coin, which is about 0.25€. A lot? No. But seeing the increase of XYO earlier, it might just be that your 30 minutes walk has a worth of 10€!

Follow this link to subscribe to Coinapp!


Will any of these apps make you rich? Earn you a passive full income to live in the Bahamas and choose if you go to the bakery driving your Porsche or your Lamborghini? Unlikely.

But, they will incentivize you to move more. And the rewards for that are better health and fitness, a more relaxed mind, and total admiration by your loved ones!

And in the meantime, you get your hands on some nice cryptocurrencies, which you can save until they rise in price, or you can invest them in other cryptocurrency via Binance or Coinbase. And who, knows, one day, they will all add up to just enough to buy an NFT of your dream car!

**Disclaimer**: Many (but not all) of these Move2Earn games or trackers, work with some type of level system, where a higher level means your earnings go up. Often, you can raise your level by attracting more users. This disclaimer means to say that some of the links in this article are affiliate links, and although they don’t cost you a single cent (on the contrary, you often even get a reward yourself), I may get rewarded in some way.

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