If you’re like any other business owner, you’re busy. But if you think that the last thing you have time for is a social media campaign, think again. Social media has turned into a major tool for business success. If you want to capitalize on the latest trends, you are going to have to jump headfirst into the social media world.

Smart business owners outsource the tasks they either can’t or don’t want to handle themselves. Unfortunately, you cannot lump social media into that category. Your social media campaign will never succeed if you don’t do the work yourself.

People use social media sites to relax and keep tabs on things that interest them – whether it’s their friends, causes they like, or businesses they like. No one logs onto a social media site to be formal. Instead, social media site users expect the things they read to be casual.

But if you’ve turned your social media duties over to someone else, chances are you’re going to lose that laid-back mentality. You may very well wind up with sales pitches instead of legitimate Tweets and Facebook statuses.

And, unfortunately, that’s the kind of thing that can really turn people off. People don’t want their Twitter or Facebook feeds to be cluttered up with sales pitches. To them, that would be like watching a series of never-ending commercials. People are happy to “like” something commercial if they do really like it – some software like X-Cart Gold even allows you to automatically add a Facebook like button to all your ecommerce products, making it easy to encourage people to interact with you on their terms.

Even if you can find an outsourcing company that will keep your social media profiles casual, it’s still not good enough. After all, people become fans of yours on Facebook or follow you on Twitter so that they can hear directly from you. They don’t want some corporate mouthpiece speaking for you.

A good social media campaign will allow your personality to shine through. After all, showing off some personality shows that you’re a “real person” – and people like “real people”. And, the more people like you, the more willing they are to do business with you.

Plus, by handling your social media duties yourself, you can establish personal relationships with your fans and followers. You can encourage them to come to you with new ideas, feedback on old products, or even with questions. That way, people feel like you really care about the service you provide – and that their voice is really being heard.

But if you leave your social media campaign to someone else, you never get to create that bond – meaning you’re missing out on one of the biggest benefits of even having a social media strategy!

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