Top Instagram image of July 2020 

I love water, especially large bodies of water, such as lakes or especially the sea. Unfortunately,  we didn’t get to go to the sea that often in the past few years. We hoped to be able to go there at least a few times this year. But then came Corona. During the lockdown we were of course not able to go, and we tried to play it all on the very safe side. So when the lockdown was over, we waited a few more weeks, and then called our friends to ask if they felt like going to a quiet place at the beach in The Netherlands, were we would be sure that we would be able to keep safe distances from anyone.

Now, going to the beach means lots of things for me: Enjoying the sense of freedom and humbleness, breathing clean and fresh air, getting some nice movement by swimming in the sea, enjoying my family and friends, and, of course, taking many many pictures! And each time, while driving back home, I come to the conclusion that I wanted to take more pictures.

And this time was no exception… But when we arrived home, and I had imported the first batch of pictures from my iPhone. into Lightroom, I felt a very nice glow of contentment. There were some really, really nice pictures there!

I hurried to search for one of the pictures that I know I took of my daughter with the oldest daughter our friends while they were walking to the water. I took the picture from a low standing point, and close to the water, using the reflection of the sky on the wet sand. You can read more about this and other techniques in 10 Tips To Start Taking Amazing Pictures. I used ProCamera HDR to take this picture, but while most of the time, I love the HDR result,  this time I was glad that I decided a while ago to also always save the “normal” picture. I opted for the normal picture this time and wanted to try something extra on it. So I upped the contrast, in order to make their silhouettes more distinct, and used the “Split Toning” option to create some very deep colored sky in it.

The original out of iPhone photo:

Beach sunset silhouette photo before split-toning in Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Adobe Lightroom Mobile Split toning screenshot:


The result:

Beach sunset silhouette photo after split-toning in Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Top Facebook Image of July 2020 

The most appreciated photo of July 2020 on Facebook, is one that was simply taken while we walking the dogs alongside the canal. It was a quicky, a snap, taken  with the Procamera  App on the iPhone X, no post processing done, just shot it, and posted it, because it was a nice overal  view of the canal, the sun, the street, and most importantly: the old wooden piece of fence. It all came together so well, that I snapped it, and  posted it on social media. 


Sometimes it doesn’t really take that much, although some straightening of the picture could’ve improved it… Well,  maybe next time!

Top Stock Image of July 2020

The best selling image on stock agencies for July 2020 is one that I did not really expect. Macro photography, especially of flowers sells, but not especially good, and not especially for high prices. What made this the top selling stock  image of July 2020? I assume that someone bought an extended license on top resolution for some mass production of canvas or something alike. 

As for creating  the picture, believe it or not, it was shot on my iPhone X, using Procamera HDR, and the Moment Macro lens.

Post production was  done in Lightroom, but nothing much was done here besides adding some contrast.  


All pictures that you see here, are available for sale via stock agencies. If you have special requests or considerations, feel free to contact me.

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