Twitter has rapidly become one of the most active Social platforms, with 75 million user accounts, of which about 15 million being active users. That’s quite some tweeting that’s going on, every day over and over again! The winning factor of twitters successtory is that its micro-blogging services enable small businesses and entrepreneurs, artists and sportsmen, and everyone else, to stay in touch with those who choose to follow them, and stay updated on what they do, what they produce, and so on.

But, Twitter can be used in a right way and a wrong way. That your messages must be short (less than 140 characters), is easy to remember and to do correctly. But what about those other things? Your tweets need to be helpful, or informative. And believe me, nobody finds is neither helpful, nor informative what you ate for breakfast, that you’re on the toilet, or a that you brushed your teeth (sex on the other hand is strange enough something that people DO want to read about on twitter. But I guess that’s nothing different from anything else in the world 😉 ).

Tweeting twitter tips for Twitterers

Tweeting twitter tips for Twitterers

But then, what can or can’t I do on Twitter? Well, here are 10 tips to follow, for more Twitter-success:

1. Post regularly: What is regularly? Every day? Yeah, that would be great, or even several times a day. However, if you can’t make it that often, tweet a little less, but do tweet regularly. Make sure people see you on twitter, and know they can expect to hear something from you. If you’re busy, or forgetful or something alike, there are tools to automate alot of your tweeting and twitter actions. Take a look at or I’m using them myself too, and it works like a charm!

2. Retweet interesting tweets: If you see Tweets posted by other users that you think might be interesting to your followers, then retweet them. It doesn’t take much of an effort, and you become alot more “real” and interesting to your followers. If the tweet isn’t too long, then you can add a personal message in the tweet.
Regarding retweeting: make your own tweets interesting and easy for others to retweet. Keep them short enough, and keep them interesting. If you have a blog or website, think about adding a “Tweet Me” button, so your content can be easily tweeted by others too.

3. Help people: Remember that Twitter is a social medium, so keep in mind the social aspect. That means, interaction with other people. It’s not all about you, don’t brag about what you did or anything, but try to help other people wherever you can. This will help your brand and image since others know they can count on you for support or feedback.

4. Don’t just follow back: Don’t follow everybody who follows you.
Many people turn on the feature to automatically follow back everyone who follows you. Why would you do that? Because you feel you should, because they follow you? If someone is interested in what you do, that doesn’t mean that you have to be interested in what they have to say. I prefer a list of people I follow that I know are going to tweet about things that I care about, and want to read about.

5. What do you tweet: Every tweet you post should be informative and/or helpfull to the people seeing your tweets. Sales, breaking news, any specials, discussions, that kind of stuff. Tweet stuff that people want to see, want to share, and you’ll reach the stars!

6. Comment on others: As said above, Twitter is a social medium, the definition of a social medium is interaction, so interact! Comment on other people’s tweets, answer questions where you can. It won’t hurt you, and it will help others, so go ahead. It feels good for people to be heard in the Twitterverse, so go on, and let then know they are heard, by answering their tweets!

7. Thank people: When someone takes the effort to retweet one of your tweets, the least you can is send them a “thank you” tweet back. Politeness and manners rule in the offline world, but also in the online world. Besides, when someone retweets your tweet, and you show your gratitude, they are more likely to retweet some more of your tweets.

8. Be Real: As said before, no one is interested if you went to the toilet, or what you just ate, but, do make sure you are a real person in your tweets, does a great job automating tweets and such, but that’s not all that people want. People want to see that YOU are behind the twitter account too. So now and then, show the real you!

9. Post multimedia: It may look as if Twitter is only intended for text, but its easy to post short videos and pictures too. Make use of it. People like it.

10. Tweet About More Than You: As said before, Twitter is not all about you, so don’t just make it a constant stream about you, or your marketing messages, blog posts. Mix it with retweets, answers to other people’s tweets, interesting pictures or videos. Keep it all in the mix, and you’ll keep it interesting for your followers.

Now get back to twitter, start following ME, and put these ten tips into action. If you follow these, and approach Twitter as what it is, a social medium, where you share and help others, Twitter will start to work for you!

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